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by SBanzai
Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:14 am
Forum: UBCD V4 Support & Troubleshooting
Topic: Programs will not boot, only 'ISOLINUX...' is displayed.
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I have been in contact with Dell on this issue and found out that the version of isolinux used by the 3.4 version of the cd makes calls to memory reserved for BIOS functions. This means that sometimes there are BIOS releases that will and won't work. The answer seems to be to wait for the next updat...
by SBanzai
Tue Feb 20, 2007 7:44 am
Forum: UBCD V4 Requests & Suggestions
Topic: Ultimate Boot CD v3.5 ?
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I tested tools\ubcd2usb\ubcd2usb.bat and it made my usb stick into a bootable ubcd.

I have run into some problems with some of the applications and can be more specific if you'd like.

Thanks for the great tool! :D
by SBanzai
Thu Apr 06, 2006 7:15 am
Forum: UBCD V4 Requests & Suggestions
Topic: Offline NT updated
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Offline NT updated

I just noticed that the offline nt iso was updated today. it contains a few updates and works with newer hardware better. (or seems to in my environment)