mounting issues

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mounting issues

#1 Post by antitech » Sat Feb 04, 2012 12:19 pm


My nb is dead.
First Screen after starting says yaddayadda

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc000000f

Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

And asks for the Windows installation disc to "repair my computer". It doesn´t go further than that.

Unfortunatley the DVD drive doesn´t it´s duty. Neither with a borrowed Vista-DVD (untouched) nor with the ubcd.
Fortunatley the USB-Port works and I have an ubcd-usb boot stick that does the same probably.

I would now like to get the dvd going or repair the problem in the first place.
I have tried Testdisk and with it fixing the mbr and the other thingie in the same menue but to no avail. Seemed to be all in order.

How the issue arose: I was gayly defragging my main boot partition with some qewl fancy program when power went off and (the battery is dead) my nb went black. so. now dvd works not anymore (booting from there neither; F8 and bios no good). I am quite happy that I got the usb ubcd running. I also tried to install atapi drivers and the like, but it didn´t seem to help. Maybe I did sth wrong. Somehow I did get a new drive when starting the gui version of 5.1.1 or in contrast to the freedosmode; A:\ then appeared. But it isn´t the DVD. I am rather sure about that, though not entirely.

There´s 4 Drives now: A(memdisk fake writable; Bin/ETC/Level0...), C(Autorun/License...) ,Q(ETC/Main...) and T(readonly; Custom/Dosapps...)
No Vista DVD there?.

I hope you can help me. Either to mount the dvd or to get the partitions in line. It is actually kinda fun to do this, I never realy got that far with a pc problem; already thanx @ ubcd for giving me hope in this bitter moment. :lol:

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Re: mounting issues

#2 Post by ady » Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:12 pm

What you need is a repair from a DVD (or UFD) of Vista (if this is the OS installed). You would need to repair the BCD and then run chkdsk / scandisk. If then the OS boots, fine. If not, the DVD (or UFD) is needed to repair the OS (not just the BCD as before).

The amount of files that were potentially trashed depends on which files were being moved by the defrag when the power went off.

Are you sure the DVD drive was working before? If it was, then the reason that it doesn't boot could be the BIOS settings or the CMOS battery (not the main battery of the system, but the little battery that retains the BIOS values, if there is such a battery in your system).

In any case, testdisk is probably not the adequate tool for your case. If you can't boot with the DVD drive (and you should double check the BIOS settings, as mentioned), then you need some UFD with Vista to solve the BCD issue.

With UBCD / PartedMagic, you could make a back up of your important files or a full image of the HDD / Volume / Partition, before proceding to try repairing the BCD.

As mentioned, for the BCD repair, if you can't solve the booting problem of the DVD drive, you would need some UFD / pendrive method. Search for RMPrepUSB, which has many tutorials, including some to repair Windows from USB flash drives.

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Re: mounting issues

#3 Post by antitech » Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:04 pm


Thanks ady for some great support. I am confident, that now I can target the problem with a more rewarding approach.
I will probably need further assistance, but today I am too tired. Hope I will get to it tomorrow, so forget me not.

btw, the DVD drive was whacked before; for example it played some disks selectively and I seem to recalll it also didn´t like to boot. There´s some info I got from the ubcd, as to why it couldn´t be mounted, but I willl look that up tomorrow. First things first, my body also has needs and not only my computer. Hope then not now no problem and you keep up the good infos.

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