Mouse and Keyboard issues after Parted Magic desktop loads

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Mouse and Keyboard issues after Parted Magic desktop loads

#1 Post by danimal1 » Thu Dec 04, 2014 9:17 am

I'm trying to help a friend repartition a hard drive remotely...he's 500 miles away. Sent him latest UBCD5 and his pc boots up into the menu. Keyboard works and we select Parted Magic. When the graphical environments load, no mouse or keyboard works, so I cant use the Partition Editor. I also tried Failsafe menu, and was hoping to do it via Parted, but as soon as we get into the root prompt --- you guessed it, no keyboard! Uggh! I read that USB Legacy support should be enabled. I can't confirm if it is or is not, since he is not very pc literate. It's a Dell Inspiron 570. I had him set all bios options to default, save and exit..still no luck after attempting that. Is there any other suggestions?



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Re: Mouse and Keyboard issues after Parted Magic desktop loa

#2 Post by ady » Fri Dec 05, 2014 1:18 am

Possible alternatives:

_ Connecting the USB devices in different USB ports, and performing a cold boot.

_ Connecting ps/2, wired keyboard (and mouse).

_ If the HDD is less than 2.1TB, try whether one of the DOS-based partitioning tools included in UBCD detects it and the keyboard works (with/without the DOS USB drivers).

_ Try the latest GpartedLive from, or some other alternative.

_ Search about the specific BIOS used in this system, read its manual and instruct your friend to find the USB-related BIOS settings, so you can "play" with them.

_ If this is a UEFI system, then most of the tools in UBCD cannot work in UEFI mode. Try temporarily setting the firmware to CSM / compatibility / BIOS mode, just for the purpose of partitioning and formatting the filesystems.

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