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UBCD USB Kon boot - Returns to menu list

Posted: Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:54 am
by tkal17
Hi all,
Sorry if this has been asked before. I did some searching here and on Google but was not able to find the answer.

I have successfully created an UBCD USB stick using the instructions provided with UBCD. However, when I select Kon-boot from the 'Others' menu, it starts to load, then returns to the UBCD menu list. This seems to only happen if booting from the USB stick. If I load kon-boot via a CD, it loads into Windows just fine. Has anyone run into this issue and know of a fix?

Also, I read that Kon-boot 1.0 only works with WinXP and lower. I have Kon-boot 1.1 and would like to add it to my UBCD USB stick. I found some instructions here ... 16f8ef0ae3 but I'm not sure if I was successful with adding Kon-boot 1.1 since I'm running into the above problem of selecting Kon-boot and returning to the UBCD menu.

Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.