Wont recognize Seagate

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Wont recognize Seagate

#1 Post by Brando » Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:11 am

Have a dell 660s with a drive that keep failing, using the latest verison of UBCD, seatools doesnt see the drive.( either version)
the only thing that recognizes it it ViVard.
First scan as a test just to see showed 161 errors in 3 sectors.
Reran with remap and NOW it has remapped the 161 errors but is only about halfway through and has identified 1353 errors called NRDY.

A. why wont seatools recognize the drive
B. what are NRDY errors
C. i want to see if this drive is fixable or not...


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Re: Wont recognize Seagate

#2 Post by ady » Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:13 pm

Have you checked with Dell?

Have you checked with Seagate?

If your system is using pure UEFI (i.e. no legacy BIOS / CSM support) then any DOS-based tool will fail.

If you can still boot into Windows, you might want to check the Windows version of Seatools (but, if your HDD is already failing, then installing additional software on it right now is probably not recommended; use only other / external devices).

Can you even boot fdubcd in this system?

Have you tried temporarily moving the HDD to a different system and analyzing it with the relevant tools there?

For the errors, check with the respective manufacturers (Dell, Seagate,...).

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