Boot From CD/DVD Locked To Only UBCD

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Boot From CD/DVD Locked To Only UBCD

#1 Post by IntentionallyBlank » Tue Jun 18, 2019 8:11 pm

Was talked into trying to use Parted Magic from UBCD to manage partitions to shrink an HDD to a much smaller SSD but parted Magic hung up at “setting up system devices.” In this case I was only trying to launch Parted Magic to first confirm something and refresh my memory of the screens before going back to normal boot to make some final although redundant data backups before adjusting partitions.

Last command that I saw executed was to lock one or more kernel(s) to write only (might have been read-only). Since then I am unable to boot from CD/DVD using newly created media or the OEM recovery disk. The only disk that will boot is UBCD (latest version) but DVD burner otherwise works. Tried reflashing BIOS and clearing NVRAM but that didn't help. Routine troubleshooting such as diagnostics, SFC, DISM, MemTest, etc., cannot find any errors but instead of booting to disk am instead taken to the blue screen that something is preventing the system from booting and sometimes will be provided a misleading error title to research. That title is intentionally not provided as it will divert attention away from the real culprit. Obviously BIOS settings are correct since I was recently able to boot to OEM recovery media and can still boot to UBCD (and only UBCD in DVD drive). Had verified SHA-256 and downloaded UBCD via the auto-direct option from the UBCD download webpage so very much probably do not have a rogue version.

How do I get this lock cleared so that I can restore the boot capabilities and remove whatever lock was created.

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Re: Boot From CD/DVD Locked To Only UBCD

#2 Post by ady » Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:29 am

By your own description, something is not "as correct as you suppose it is". Let me explain what I mean.

You mention "NVRAM", which implies a UEFI system. UBCD cannot boot in UEFI mode, so you must have booted it in CSM mode.

You also mention that "BIOS settings are correct". Considering that Parted Magic didn't actually do anything (as per your own description), then the "lock" you are talking about is probably related to re-setting UEFI mode in your firmware (as oppose to CSM/legacy mode), together with some additional feature in the same firmware (what you called "BIOS settings") such as "secure boot" and possibly others.

UBCD (and the programs included in it) are, generally speaking, not capable of modifying NVRAM. Also, UBCD cannot boot in UEFI mode. All this means that "something" in your description cannot be exactly accurate. Either:
* you did something else with some tool included in UBCD (whether you are aware of it or not); or,
* you were not using an official version of UBCD; or,
* the "BIOS" settings are not "correct" as you assume.

Additionally, considering that your system has UEFI capabilities, I would not recommend using the version of Parted Magic that is included by default in the official UBCD, because it is an old version. For the purpose of shrinking partitions (and I would assume these are GPT, not MBR), I would suggest either trying a newer version of GParted Live (free, on which Parted Magic is based), or purchasing a newer version of Parted Magic. Oh, BTW, backups are not necessarily redundant.

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