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#1 Post by MrZip » Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:29 pm

1st Post say: Hello! :)

Ive got lil prob
Ive got laptop hp HDX18t series with Intel Core QX9300 and Sony Vaio old one.

I need to install WinXP sp3 into Vaio I dont have it near me so model I will write later. (its old) I tried by cd but cd-rom won't ready any discs.

Motherboard do not allow booting from usb so I tried with Network booting.
I want to install from hp cd-rom by RJ-45 cabel into my Old Vaio laptop. Is that possible?

Ive downloaded ubcd 5 newest version. Will I be able to install winXP in that way? Or what program should I use to resolve that.

Well if You know how those things going on and it will don't take much time for You I will be greatful!

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