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integrate knoppicilin / knoppix

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:06 am
by high55555
Hey there,

once again a question. Windows 7 Setup and Ubuntu works perfectly, many thanks to IceCube.

Now i would like to integrate Knoppicilin, an antivirus solution based on Knoppix. ... tion/37894

I downloaded the iso and mounted it with an virtual cd emulator. I copied from the folder /boot/isolinux two files "linux" and "winitr.gz" which are similar to vmlinux and initrd.lz into /ubcd/custom/knoppicilin. Then I copied the iso as kc6.iso in /ubcd/images. I put the following entries in /ubcd/custom/custom.cfg

LABEL Knoppicilin
MENU LABEL Knoppicilin 6
LINUX /ubcd/custom/knoppicilin/linux
INITRD /ubcd/custom/knoppicilin/winitr.gz
APPEND boot=boot iso-scan/filename=/ubcd/images/kc6.iso quiet splash --

If I use the new entry it boots the kernel, but the I get the error message "Knoppix Filesystem not found".

Any hints whats going wrong?

Kind regards

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:11 am
by Icecube
The iso-scan/filename= is not a general trick to let everything work. Each linux distribution can use its own cheatcode.

Give the contents of the isolinux.cfg of the Knoppicilin iso
and the directory structure of the iso.