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Integrating ERD 2005 and similar WinPE into UBCD5?!
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Author:  sonika [ Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:22 am ]
Post subject:  Integrating ERD 2005 and similar WinPE into UBCD5?!

Hi Guys,

I've integrated ERD 2005 into UBCD 4 without any problems, but for some reason I can't get it to work with 5 RC 1.

It just gives the standard;

"Couldn't find NTLDR"

I've tried copying all of the files (ERD related) off the working version UBCD4 so everything should be ok, but I think there must be something I'm missing...

Any advice would be much appreciate :)


PS Awesome work guys!!!

Author:  Icecube [ Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:42 am ]
Post subject: 

What where the exact steps you did?

Author:  sonika [ Wed Dec 16, 2009 6:59 pm ]
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Hey Icecube, it was a while ago that I created the v4 one, but I believe this was the guide I followed. Trying to recreate it now and I've copied all of the files from the working v4 image...


1. Extract the ubcd files from the iso
2. Copy all the files from i386 off your xp setup cd into the root of the ubcd (ie /ubcd/i386)
(If you just want a bootable recovery console I downloaded one some time ago as an iso with just the files required to run it, it is less than 10mb total. Unfortunately I have no idea now where i got it then.)
3. Get Bart's Bart's wxp10.zip: http://www.nu2.nu/download.php?sFile=wxp10.zip
4. From wxp10.zip copy w2ksect.bin win51 and win51ip to the root of ubcd
5. Go into i386 and delete bootfix.bin (unless you want to hit any key to boot from cd)
6. If for some reason you want more than one xp version on a disc rename i386 and then take a hex editor and replace any occurance of i386 in /w2ksect.bin and /i386/SETUPLDR.BIN with whatever you are naming your folder (probably a good idea to keep it short) this works fine with the recovery console only but i have no idea what additional settings would be required for a full xp install
7. In /custom/custom.cfg add the entry for winxp recovery console

LABEL recovery
MENU LABEL XP Recovery Console
KERNEL /w2ksect.bin

I had a feeling it might have been due to the switches -N or -D mentioned in another post so I tried them and still no luck.

Same files off a working v4 so it doesn't appear the files are the problem, so I'm tending towards mkisofs, or it's switches, or the kernel that's loading w2ksect.bin??

Author:  Icecube [ Thu Dec 17, 2009 1:13 pm ]
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Windows is picky about uppercase/lowercase in the boot process. I think (not sure) that i386 needs to be I386.

Also /w2ksect.bin isn't needed anymore. Syslinux's chain.c32 can load SETUPLDR.BIN or NTLDR now.
COM32 /boot/syslinux/chain.c32

Author:  sonika [ Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:14 pm ]
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I'd checked the capitalization already, but I haven't tried chain.32, so I'm hopeful on that one! I'll give it a shot and let you know and thanks for the tip, it could be useful in the future as well :)

Author:  Icecube [ Wed Dec 23, 2009 11:26 am ]
Post subject: 

I think it has something to do with the capitalization of the files.
UBCD411 did convert all lowercase filenames to uppercase, UBCD50RC1 uses the filecase of the files like they are on the hard disk, when you build the iso.

I quickly wrote a script that should convert all file that need to be uppercase for windows to uppercase. I can't test the script myself (no Windows).

Add the file windows-uppercase.cmd to \ubcd\tools\win32\windows-uppercase\

Add filecase.exe to this directory too:
Download Win32 Console ToolBox 1.0 from http://www.stevemiller.net/apps/

Content of windows-uppercase.cmd (needs some fine tuning):
@echo off
rem * Convert all necessary files and directories needed for booting Windows to uppercase
rem *
rem * Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD): http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/
rem * Win32 Console ToolBox ==> Filecase: http://www.stevemiller.net/apps/

@echo on
@if "%debug%"=="" echo off


SET a1=%1
SET a1=###%a1%###
SET a1=%a1:"###=%
SET a1=%a1:###"=%
SET ubcddir=%a1:###=%

if ""%ubcddir%"=="" goto _help

echo Convert all necessary files for Windows booting to uppercase ...

if not exist "%~p0\filecase.exe"                 %0 : _error Missing file '%~p0\filecase.exe'
if not exist "%ubcddir%\boot\isolinux\isolinux.bin"  %0 : _error This batch file isn't executed from \ubcd\tools\win32\windows-uppercase\.

rem * Convert all necessary files and directories needed for booting Windows to uppercase
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q /d "%ubcddir%\i386\"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q /d "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q /d "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\drivers\"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\BOOT"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\win51*"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\bootfont.bin"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\*.bin"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\*.si?"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\*.in?"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\ntdetect.com"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\spcmdcon.sy*"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\*.in?"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\ntoskr*.ex?"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\ntkrnlmp.ex?"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\kdcom.dl?"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\bootvid.dl?"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\setupreg.hi?"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\*.fo?"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\*.nl?"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\hal*.dl?"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\SYSTEM32\drivers\*.sy?"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\win*.sif"
"%~p0\filecase.exe" /u /h /q /d /s "%ubcddir%\i386\system32\$OEM$"

echo All Windows boot files converted to uppercase
goto _end

cmd.exe /k cd "%~p0"
goto _end

echo (ERROR) %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8
goto _end


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