Avira not found?

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Avira not found?

#1 Post by danshugar » Wed May 12, 2010 12:44 pm

Hi folks - treat me gently as I'm fairly new to this. I have some issues with my laptop (IE was opening unexpectedly and navigating to ads). I've run a whole pile of scanners (SuperAntiSpyware, Ad-Aware, SpyHunter, McAfee etc) and some have found some trojans. I wanted to enter safe mode and scan from there, but I get an error telling me I can't go into safe mode. Anyway, a computer tech suggested I try UBCD and so I've downloaded v5, burned the iso to a CD and try running the Avira scanner. It runs for a minute, copying various files, but then an error message pops up saying 'Scanner not found or Rescue System Device not detected!". What am I doing wrong??
Oh, and I should add that I also tried V4.11, with updated McAfee defintions (as of today) but got an error saying that SCAN86.exe couldn't run due to memory. I don't know if I updated the files properly - using MagicISO, I simply copied the new AVVclean.dat etc to the dosapps/mcafee dir and reburned to a CD.
Cheers, Dan

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