What utility will fix .dll and .exe problems

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What utility will fix .dll and .exe problems

#1 Post by Aspen2 » Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:07 pm

I just received my copy of the UBCD which I got for my desktop 2006 HP Pavillion with WIN-XP sp3. Just a bit of background, I discovered my computer had a virus so I ran the last known good configuration, but then my Kaspersky security software would not work due to changed date so I changed it back and now the computer will not boot. The computer won't even boot up in safe mode, and I get the following error messages: winlogon.exe -unable to locate component, lsass.exe -unable to locate component, "Shlwapi.dll not found". I have 3 years worth of work on this computer and don't want to lose all my data and I've been reluctant to do a system restore where it restores it back to the factory settings. Then I read the about the UBCD and it seemed like just what I needed. My question is now that I have it what utilities would I use to correct my problem mentioned above. :?:

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