wiped bios w/UBCD - Non-Stopping Beeps - HELP!

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wiped bios w/UBCD - Non-Stopping Beeps - HELP!

#1 Post by flipflopmedia » Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:17 am

Ok, so in the process of trying everything to fix my computer, and not knowing what I'm doing or how to use I tools, I managed to screw it up royally!

I used a BIOS tool and somehow wiped it clean. It's been a while and not sure which one I used, ect...

You can't even use the BIOS beep codes to figure anything out, because each beep is the same in length and never, ever stops. When you power up, all you hear is beeps along with a black screen; all since I ran the BIOS tool.

So now how do I fix this? I followed the manufacturer instructions on how to reset the BIOS to factory, to no avail...


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