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Author:  cb66 [ Mon Mar 28, 2016 3:54 am ]
Post subject:  plopKexec


New to the forums here but an infrequent and thankful user of UBCD (when needed).

My request for consideration: please include 'plopKexec' from Elmar Hanlhofer

I can find no previous discussion of this on these forums.

Its functionality is a subset of Plop Boot Manager, but is more actively developed (a recent version of 8 Feb 2016) and uses a more recent Linux kernel. It handles USB plug and play very well and as such, plopKexec proved to be the only way I could enable booting from USB devices on a 2002-vintage Dell Dimension 8200.

I've successfully used it with devices plugged into USB2 cards installed inside older hardware (USB-1 only).

I've successfully used it with a Zalman USB drive hosting many different mounted ISOs when trialling operating systems for different hardware.

You can even use it to enable USB booting from within VirtualBox (v4), rather than booting directly from an ISO file (leaving the VM's optical drive free for other use).

One limitation: it will only boot/chainload other Linux kernels using Syslinux, LILO, and GRUB1+2.

I have no connection with Elmar Hanlhofer, but I note that he hosts full documentation, source code and help on the website I referenced above.

Many thanks for your consideration and thanks again for UBCD.


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