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Simple sound/audio check?

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:06 pm
by rfg
Maybe this has been addressed already, but....

I'm checking out a new mini system that i just purchased, used, off FleaBay, and everything seems to be working OK so far, except I'm not too sure yet about the green 3.5mm speaker/headphone output port. There may be a problem there.

I booted up an old USB stick that I had lying around that had UBCD 5.3.7 on it, and after hunting around in the menus, I don't see any tool that would just let me check the speaker output(s). Did I just miss it? If not, this would be a Nice Thing to add to future versions of UBCD. It wouldn't need to be anything fancy... just something to make the two speakers go "beep" or something. (And now that I'm thinking abut it, it would be nice too if there was also an additional such tool which would make those little motherboard-attached micro speakers beep or something, just so users could check to see their motherboard micro speakers are at least minimally working.)