Clonezilla for Hard Disk Cloning section

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Clonezilla for Hard Disk Cloning section

#1 Post by wroot » Sat May 15, 2010 2:34 am

I just wanted to suggest Clonezilla for Hard Disk Cloning section of UBCD. Using this tool myself for a year and it have saved me lots of time while preparing new computers (especially new laptops with default loads of crap). It can clone directly via lan, it can save and restore images, etc. Though, this project is a bootable linux cd itself, so i'm not sure if this is possible to include into UBCD. Would be handy to have all the tools in one bootable cd :)

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#2 Post by Icecube » Sat May 15, 2010 3:26 am

UBCD would become very big if clonezilla would be added.
But it isn't that hard to add clonezilla yourself to UBCD.
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#3 Post by naebeth » Mon May 31, 2010 4:50 pm

I had this idea before looking through these forums and I can tell you from [my lack of Grub4Dos/Linux] experience that Icecube is wrong when he says it isn't that hard. It took me the best part of 20 hours over 3 days to find the right combination of boot parameters!

In case you haven't got yours working yet, assuming you even tried to implement it yourself, here's the code I've settled on which works perfectly from CD but which I haven't tested from USB:

Code: Select all

title CloneZilla\n Load CloneZilla to backup or restore your hard drive.
kernel /ubcd/custom/CloneZilla/live/vmlinuz live-media-path=/ubcd/custom/CloneZilla/live bootfrom=/dev/sr0 boot=live union=aufs noprompt ocs_live_run="ocs-live-general" ocs_live_extra_param="" ocs_live_keymap="" ocs_live_batch="no" ocs_lang="" vga=792 ip=frommedia
initrd /ubcd/custom/CloneZilla/live/initrd.img
Just download the latest version of CloneZilla, I made this with the Debian build so it may not work for the Ubuntu (alternate) build, and extract the contents of the ISO. I did this to a folder called CloneZilla in UBCD's custom folder as you can see in the code.
I'm not sure if its just Debian or if its normal across Linux, but the CD is mounted as /dev/sr0, if you omit the bootfrom parameter or use a different value then it just won't work.
Although, I must admit I don't understand most of these parameters as I just kept throwing different combinations together from all over the internet until this lot worked. So some might not be necessary and some might make it work better with different values, I'll leave you to play with it as you will.

But yeah, after the struggle I went through to get this working I'll be happy if that code helps even one just one person. Whether its you, wroot, or anyone else browsing the internet looking for some guidance.


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#4 Post by wroot » Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:49 am

Thanks for your effort and sharing this information ;)

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A Working Guide to adding Clonezilla to UBCD

#5 Post by StopSpazzing » Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:29 pm

This is for the debian version of clonezilla but shouldnt be much different from ubuntu version.

1. Extract clonezilla...lets say we extracted it to C:\clonezilla and UBCD501 is extracted to C:\ubcd-extracted
2. Move folders "live" and "home" from C:\clonezilla to C:\ubcd-extracted They have to be at the root of the drive.
3. So you dont get confused with any other configs...move from clonezilla the folder "syslinux" (for USB Drive booting) or "isolinux" (for cd/dvd drive booting) to "C:\ubcd-extracted\ubcd\menus\clonezilla". "C:\ubcd-extracted\ubcd\menus\clonezilla" should now contain one of the folders. (you can really move it anywhere as long as you change references to point to it instead)

The isolinux folder contains the isolinux.cfg for cds/dvds which contains all the information you need. The folder syslinux contains syslinux.cfg for USB drives, which again, contains all the boot parameters you need. Very little trial and error is required. You could easily point the custom.cfg to open the correct configs depending on what media you are using to boot such as:

Add one of the options below to your "C:\ubcd-extracted\ubcd\custom\custom.cfg"

For Booting CD's/Dvd's:

Code: Select all

MENU LABEL Clonezilla Live v1.2.5
COM32 /ubcd/menus/clonezilla/isolinux/menu.c32
APPEND /ubcd/menus/clonezilla/isolinux/isolinux.cfg
For Booting USB's:

Code: Select all

MENU LABEL Clonezilla Live v1.2.5
COM32 /ubcd/menus/clonezilla/syslinux/menu.c32
APPEND /ubcd/menus/clonezilla/syslinux/syslinux.cfg
It will load the config files and look like you booted Clonezilla normally.

If you are going to do this, I would recommend adding to both configs (clonezilla's isolinux.cfg or syslinux.cfg) a BACK option:

For CD's/DVD's (add to C:\ubcd\menu\clonezilla\isolinux\isolinux.cfg):

Code: Select all

COM32 /ubcd/boot/isolinux/menu.c32
APPEND /ubcd/custom/custom.cfg

For USB Drives (add to C:\ubcd\menu\clonezilla\syslinux\syslinux.cfg):

Code: Select all

COM32 /ubcd/boot/syslinux/menu.c32
APPEND /ubcd/custom/custom.cfg
Remaster the ISO if you are burning it to CD/DVD and used isolinux options from above.

I have TESTED on USB AND CD options, and they boot flawlessly. You don't need any special parameters or any other tweaking. Not sure what issue you were having. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
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