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Samsung Migration (Clone) Tool Troubles...
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Author:  Gooly [ Tue May 26, 2015 6:36 am ]
Post subject:  Samsung Migration (Clone) Tool Troubles...


I (Win7, 64) am totally new here and am bit confused because I read somewhere that your ISO is not for Windows? Please tell me - I have to search elsewhere.

In the other case my problem might interest others too - as they might run into the same problems!

I bout a new Samsung 850 Pro (512BG) and cloned it using Samsung's own migration tool some months ago.
Since than I wasn't able to create a system image: Error 0x080780119 Not enough space ...
After quite some time I found that Windows 100MB primary system partition Data:\ is filled up to 95% (=95MB)
while the original one occupies only 30% (=30MB).

I looked inside and found no additional files, nothing at this size. Both partition were practically equal except that the cloned on has only 5MB free space:

File comment: Shows the original-HD and the cloned-SSD. Look at free space.
sam4.PNG [ 136.6 KiB | Viewed 14735 times ]

Original-HD Data:
Name Size Size II File Folder
$Recycle.Bin 129 Bytes 4 kB 1 4
Boot 14 MB 14 MB 37 24
System Volume Information 0 0 0 0
bootmgr 374 kB 376 kB

New Cloned-SSD Data:
$Recycle.Bin 129 Bytes 4 kB 1 1
Boot 14 MB 14 MB 37 24
System Volume Information 0 0 0 0
bootmgr 374 kB 376 kB

I tried to delete any journals - no difference and a chksdk /f is working only on c:\ and shows no errors.

Today I called Samsung and the voice was oriented at the very first moment:
1) it might happen every now and then, 2) we don't know why this happens, 3) we recommend three solutions:
- clone again and see ... => keep cloning until the clone is a clone (too late for me...)
- boot from org Win.DVD, then delete the system 100MB partition, finaly use Windows systemrepair to re-create the 100 MB partition
- use another program to create a system image..

1) can I use your UltimateBootCD to delete the Windows 100MB boot partition and to recreate it?
2) Is there an example or an HowTo here?

Tanks in advance,

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