Howto: PXE Boot with UBCD 5.02 (+Patch and Files)

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Howto: PXE Boot with UBCD 5.02 (+Patch and Files)

#1 Post by N.Maas » Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:49 pm

What you need:
- tftpd32 ( )
- UBCD 5.02 ( )
- PXE Package ( ... )

We do start with the file preparations:

- Preparing UBCD
Unzip the ISO to an folder, lets choose C:\ubcd
Unzip the PXE Package to C:\ubcd, so that pxelinux.0, memdisk, menu.c32 and the pxelinux.cfg Folder are within the root Folder of the ubcd

- Setup up the tftpd32
Easy as hell. Download, unzip.
For example C:\tftpd32
And now to the config.

But first basics tftp config:
- start tftpd32.exe in C:\tftpd32
- Server interfaces chose your NIC
- Press Settings

Base Directory: C:\ubcd

Global Settings:
TFTP Server [X]
TFTP Client [ ]
SNTP Server [ ]
Syslog Server [ ]
DHCP Server [X]
Syslog Server: [ ] Save syslog message

TFTPD Security: None

TFTPD configuration:
Timeout (seconds) 3
Max Retransmit 6
Tftp port 69
Local ports pool (nothing in here)

Advanced TFTPD Options:
[X] Option negotiation
[ ] PXE Compatibility
[X] Show Progress bar
[X] Translate Unix file names
[ ] Use TFTPD32 only on this interface
[ ] Use anticipation window of 0 Bytes
[X] Allow ´\´ As virtual root
[ ] Hide Window at startup
[ ] Create “dir.txt” files
[ ] Create md5 files
[ ] Beep for long transfer

Press Ok.

Go to the DHCP Server tab and enter following Details depending on your Network configuration:

IP Pool starting adress: Should be +1 of your NIC IP if you got no other PC in your network
Size of Pool: Choose yourself how many clients you want to get in there. I picked 20, get no problems with leases…
Boot File: pxelinux.0
Rest: Set it appopriate to your network – and Press the big long “SAVE” Button!

And thats it.

Hope that helps you out!

Nico Maas,

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