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Network issues with UBCD4Win

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:38 am
by DrOli
I appreciate UBCD4Win is a bit long in the tooth, but I would be grateful for any assistance with getting UBCD4Win to recognise my network controllers.

I have used BartPE, and get similar results.

I can add various drivers, such as SCSI etc, which work on launch.

I added drivers for my network controllers, but can't get those to work after many permutations. I use a WinXP image that is SP3 already, no slipstreaming required. I have successfully added plug-ins as well.

As a matter of interest HBCD's iso does provide network on this machine, but no SCSI, which is the vast majority of the HD's etc ... oh well.

This is a SuperMicro H8DM8/AMD64 MotherBoard (MB) with an MCP55 NVidia chip-set. There are NO NIC's as such. Ethernet connections and hardware are part of the MB/chip-set. Normally, one runs the NVidia installer for the motherboard, and that installs everything.

I put the NVidia software in the PE Drivers/Net/ dir. I have also copied the drivers actually on the running OS (sys32 and sys32/drivers etc), just to be on the safe side. I have extracted all cabs etc that can be (there are some exe's that I can't extract). I have tried many permutations.

... everything works from the launch CD/DVD except network, which complains about can't find "normaliz.dll", but I have copied that to the PE build dir's too.

Clearly, it must be possible since HBCD provides network access (but no scsi) ... any thoughts would be much appreciated