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Help!! - Install windows drivers from UBCD?

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 3:35 pm
by caracortada_uk
Hi all. Just changed the mobo on my dads pc and completely forgot that the RAID controllers are different. As such windows wont boot. Is it possible to boot UBCD and install the drivers to windows from there? Would this allow windows to boot?


Other option is this article on the MS website: ... -us;824125

I know i can do a repair install to give it the drivers, but that wipes the registry. Currently have accounts programs on the machine and dont know if wiping the registry will still allow them to work. Also general hassle of new reigsitry and all the programs currently installed.

That article also says i can do an "upgrade" install from within windows using the old mobo. Would an Upgrade keep the registry and all data intact? Basically just installing the needed drivers?


Other option is to boot the HDs using the old mobo and back up the registry. Put in new mobo, do a repair install and boot into windows and tell it to use the back up. Would using the back up not tell it to use the old drivers?


I recall something about being able to tell the BIOS to treat SATA drives as IDE drives, therefore bypassing the need for sata drivers on a fresh windows install. I know this is possibly on compaq Mobos, cant see anything like that on the MSI, does anybody know anything about this? Seems like the perfect option.

Old mobo - AsRock K7VT4A Pro
New mobo (my old one) - MSI K8n Neo4 Platinum