Game probs on UBCD

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Game probs on UBCD

#1 Post by Solaris17 » Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:04 am

so i decided to add some fun to it by adding some zork to the when i tell it to go to the zork folder and run starts to boot and then it says cannot find partition...but i mean it loads zork fine but it wont initilize i think its because i need to run it in a dos i have win98 boot disk on the ubcd and that works fine is their any way to staret zork but code it to start the win98 boot disk first so it works or do you think their is naother way to get it to work?

EDIT: Nvm i got it to work this is cool i love your CD!

what i did was creat a win98 boot cd than i opened winimage and injected the files...than i injected the zork files and saved the image as Zork1 than i created games.cfg in the custom directory and edited the main menue to include a games menu..and had the main menu games link point to the games .cfg which i coded to open zork1.ima and i used the bigraw command so stop flawlessly :)

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#2 Post by Scott Cooper » Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:52 pm

To add small DOS games to the disc:

1) Start with a freshly formatted Windows 9x bootable floppy.

2) Copy your game files to the disk.

3) Create autoexec.bat which points to the game executable.

4) Make an IMG file with WinImage or similar. You can make 2.88MB images if the game is too large for a single floppy.

5) Add the gamename.img to your custom folder and add an option to boot it via the menu system.