XOSL or XOSL2, a few questions to my needs.

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XOSL or XOSL2, a few questions to my needs.

#1 Post by Dash » Fri Apr 11, 2008 3:00 pm

I got XOSL and may go ahead and XOSL2 but before I go through a couple hours of installs I need to know if this would be very possible to do.

I'm really looking for a bootloader that sets the default OS to whatever OS run last. I am setting up the staging enviroment and I need the machines to run 3 to 4 OS's and during reboots I want them to always choose by default the last OS that was loaded.

I'm really hoping for an OS loader that can blind partitions from each other so that Longhorn or Vista installs do not over write bootsectors on the main or secondary partitions other than its own.

Will XOSL or XOSL2 provide such capabilities? If not, do you know of a bootloader that will?

Thank you

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#2 Post by PsiMoon314 » Sat Apr 12, 2008 3:01 am


XOSL used to be a very good Boot Manager and would hide and unhide partitions as you wanted.

Remember that Vista and XP use partitions in a different way so unless XOSL2 has been updated to support Vista it may not work correctly.

In addition modern BIOS's sometimes have an issue with booting via XOSL so again unless XOSL2 has been updated you may find issues with this also.

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