How to use that script to create a UBCD on a USB stick?

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How to use that script to create a UBCD on a USB stick?

#1 Post by nathaliev » Thu May 29, 2008 2:21 pm

Hi guys,

I would like to put the UBCD on a USB thumb drive, and I see that there is now a script available, it has a menu of available commands but I have no idea what I need to specify and what I don't.

Can someone give me an example of a basic command to just put the CD on the USB drive? I formatted my USB thumb drive already so it can take over the root of it.

Assume my USB drive is mounted as drive X:

This is what the help menu has:

makebootfat v1.4 by Andrea Mazzoleni
Usage: makebootfat [options] dir

-o Select the output device
-b Select the boot sector image
-m Select the mbr sector image
-c Copy a file in the root directory
-x Exclude files
-X Enforce syslinux 2.xx limitations
-Y Enforce syslinux 3.xx limitations
-Z Enforce ZIP-Drive compatibility if possible
-F Change the MBR to imitate a FAT boot sector
-L Volume label
-O Volume oem
-S Volume serial
-E Drive BIOS number
-v Verbose
-h Help
-V Version


Thanks for any help.


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#2 Post by Icecube » Fri May 30, 2008 1:26 am

See viewtopic.php?t=1343
It will format your usb thumb drive again.

If you don't want that, copy all files of the ubcd iso to the usb thumb drive, download syslinux

Download syslinux from

Extract syslinux archive. Go to the win32 folder of it and run syslinux from the command prompt:

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syslinux.exe -ma -d syslinux x:
adapt x: with the drive letter for your usb thumb drive, check it carefully!

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