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Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2005 11:15 pm
by Splat
Hi there

I'm working in a point of sale environment, where for security reasons, our machines have neither floppy drives, nor cdrom drives. Is there a way to convert UBCD to a flash disk, and use the utilities like that? I have downloaded flashboot ( but it tells me that it cannot convert UBCD.

Any comments/recommendations would be appreciated.


Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 7:32 pm
by Victor Chew
This is on the wish list:

but there is no known way of achieving it yet.

The *.bdi file menu subsystem of Gujin-1.2 can do that

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2005 2:28 am
by etienne
Gujin-1.2 now manages floppy images in its own menu, it recognise them by using the extension BDI for Boot Device Image.
It is working for CDROMs, you can look at CD_BDI target of the Makefile of Gujin in sourceforge, or simply download install-1.2.tar.gz and do the commands at the end of this message.
If you use FAT for your filesystem in your USB thumb drive, and you can boot this USB drive on your motherboard BIOS (you may have to force the number of heads / sector per track, see install.txt), then you can produce the same file directories (on FAT an not on ISOFS) and Gujin should work the same way as this CDROM.

Commands known to work on CDROM:
(replace $(CD_BDI_SETUP) with: "--verbose=0 --probe_bios_floppy_disk=0 --probe_bios_hard_disk=0 --probe_ide_disk=0 --search_disk_mbr=0 --search_part_mbr=0 --hide_unhide_partitions=0 --search_topdir_kernel=0 --menu_with_disk=0 --menu_with_parttype=0 --menu_with_partition=0 --disk_write_enable=0")
(have three floppy images named disk.bdi, partition.bdi and flash.bdi - for instance take the file /boot/memtest* present in a lot of distributions, or a FreeDOS floppy image)
(device /dev/cdrom should point to your CDROM writer for cdrecord)

rm -rf /tmp/cdrom
mkdir /tmp/cdrom
-cdrecord blank=fast -s
mkdir /tmp/cdrom/boot_menu
./instboot boot.bin /tmp/cdrom/boot.bcd $(CD_BDI_SETUP) --search_el_torito=0 --full --bootdir=boot_menu
mkdir /tmp/cdrom/boot_disk
mkdir /tmp/cdrom/boot_partition
mkdir /tmp/cdrom/boot_flash
./instboot boot.bin /tmp/cdrom/boot_menu/boot_disk.bdi --geometry=floppy:320 $(CD_BDI_SETUP) --full --bootdir=boot_disk
cp /boot/disk.bdi /tmp/cdrom/boot_disk/disk.bdi
./instboot boot.bin /tmp/cdrom/boot_menu/boot_partition.bdi --geometry=floppy:320 $(CD_BDI_SETUP) --full --bootdir=boot_partition
cp /boot/partition.bdi /tmp/cdrom/boot_partition/partition.bdi
./instboot boot.bin /tmp/cdrom/boot_menu/boot_flash.bdi --geometry=floppy:320 $(CD_BDI_SETUP) --full --bootdir=boot_flash
cp /boot/flash.bdi /tmp/cdrom/boot_flash/flash.bdi
mkisofs -untranslated-filenames -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -b boot.bcd /tmp/cdrom | cdrecord -tao -