HD Diagnostics Under AHCI SATA Intel ICH9M-E/M Controller

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HD Diagnostics Under AHCI SATA Intel ICH9M-E/M Controller

#1 Post by bonehead » Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:21 am


I have been using the UBC for a while for diagnostics for harddrives. It has always worked flawlessly and saved a lot of time.

I got a new laptop with the SATA drive running in AHCI mode. The controller shows up as Intel ICH9M-E/M under device manager under windows xp.

The harddrive i am trying to test is the Toshiba Harddrive and usually Hitachi drive fitness (dft) works well with these drives.

So I got the latest version of UBCD v4.1.1... and dft refuses to launch... it just hangs and will not load.

Is there something i am missing ? Will this not work anymore because of the ich9m not being able to be discovered under dos?

Any comments and help is appreciated.