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Posted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:12 am
by DWeuve
Hello all...

My agency has been using UBCD for wiping hard drives before we surplus equipment and to wipe encrypted laptops before they are re-imaged and re-assigned to other staff.

The problem I am running into is speed. Of all the wiping tools, we have kind of settled on Darik's but I have seen this with some of the other ones. On PATA drives, the thing runs incredibly fast. DoD Short on 20 GB PATA HD in less than 90 minutes. Meanwhile, on SATA drives, DoD Short on an 80 GB SATA HD is taking nearly 48 hours.

Is there any way to improve that?
Is a different wiping utility better suited for SATA?
Am I completely off the mark and SATA is not the issue?

Can someone help me out here?