Computer crashed after google advice

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Computer crashed after google advice

#1 Post by scrwriter1 » Mon Dec 22, 2008 7:27 am

I was trying to completely remove Incredimail from my Windows Vista computer so I went to google and found "How to completely remove incredimail" I followed it and it said to delete like ten keys in the register key section. I found six, and as instructed I deleted them. I was also supposed to delete like four that I couldn't find at the end it said to restart the computer. It wouldn't let me back in no matter what. I tried the computer repairseveral times NO. I tried a restore point, NO. I tried to go in in safe mode, No. I tried last known best condition, No. Finally it turned the screen blue and said the operating system is shutting down.
I have at least 400 pictures and several screenplays I have been rewriting but not backing up so a Recovery is out. I had been using that computer for a full year.
So I know what crashed my computer can it be fixed?