running UBCD from usb thumb drive...garbled/corrupt text

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running UBCD from usb thumb drive...garbled/corrupt text

#1 Post by TheWart » Sun Jun 28, 2009 7:06 pm

Hi all,

First off, thanks for this great software kit!

I have a laptop that I am trying to format+install windows XP on. The cd drive is broker, and PXE is too time consuming for me to setup. I made a WinXP boot/install disk out of my 2gb thumb drive, but it gives me a BSOD 0x000007b, saying that i should run chkdsk.

So I find UBCD, and download it, extract the ISO, open the UBCD2USB folder in the tools folder, and run the .bat program. It says it installs to my USB thumb drive with no problem, and it does indeed boot on the target laptop.

The problem is that no matter what utility I seem to run, it goes through the linux-like boot loading, and then spits me out on a command prompt with the top half of the screen showing a file browser. Unfortunately, no matter what directory I go into, the names of all the files are corrupted and are nothing more than random characters that I can't read.

I just want to go in, run a partition program make my C drive have one partition (i did have it using like 4), and format it with NTFS so I can once again try my WinXP boot thumb drive.

Any help would be much appreciated!