How do I boot up my defunct laptop?

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How do I boot up my defunct laptop?

#1 Post by esther » Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:20 pm

I just had my hard drive replaced and Windows XP Media edition re-installed by a computer repair shop. My laptop was still shutting down after I got it back. They charged me $425 to repair it and when I called the shop to see if he would run another diagnostic repair on it for free and he said no. He wants to be able to charge me more for it. So I don't want to go back to the rip off computer guy and I will report him to the BBB.
I remembered I made the UBCD a year ago and have inserted it into my CD drive. It comes on with a menu and I can click around and go to things, but I do not know how to use this to get my computer to go back to normal and reboot. I went to the choice boot first hard disk and hit enter but it only shows the cursor bar blinking at the bottom of the screen.
I only get a cursor bar on a black screen when I try to start up my laptop with the UBCD. At first my screen makes the Windows prompt sound and I see the Vaio name, then it goes to a cursor with a black screen.
I am frustrated with the computer repair people :cry:
I hope someone can help me,