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Getting Linux Mint 7 (gloria) to boot

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:16 pm
by Solaris17
Well i wanted to try and get it to boot inside of its own folder. instead of the root of the CD because mint and ubuntu 9.04 shar alot of the same dir and files. So like i said im trying to get it to boot inside of its own folder. Of course the iso is extracted and all the dir are present. my custom .cfg is pointing to mint's cfg and trying to launch out of that. and mints CFG looks like this so far.

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default vesamenu.c32
timeout 100

menu background splash.jpg
menu title Welcome to Linux Mint 7 Gloria
menu color border 0 #00eeeeee #00000000
menu color sel 7 #ffffffff #33eeeeee
menu color title 0 #ffeeeeee #00000000
menu color tabmsg 0 #ffeeeeee #00000000
menu color unsel 0 #ffeeeeee #00000000
menu color hotsel 0 #ff000000 #ffffffff
menu color hotkey 7 #ffffffff #ff000000
menu color timeout_msg 0 #ffffffff #00000000
menu color timeout 0 #ffffffff #00000000
menu color cmdline 0 #ffffffff #00000000
menu hidden
menu hiddenrow 5
label live
  menu label Start Linux Mint
  kernel /Mint/casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/mint.seed boot=/Mint/casper initrd=/Mint/casper/initrd.gz quiet splash --
menu default
label xforcevesa
  menu label Start Linux Mint in compatibility mode
  kernel /Mint/casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/mint.seed boot=/Mint/casper xforcevesa initrd=/Mint/casper/initrd.gz ramdisk_size=1048576 root=/dev/ram rw noapic noapci nosplash irqpoll --
label memtest
  menu label Memory Test
  kernel memtest
label local
  menu label Boot from local drive
  localboot 0x80
mints dir are.

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iv gotten rid of the md5 check .txt and the windows installer file so its just the primary linux folders. i know their has got to be a way to do this im thinking i have to some how tell it that the root dir of mint is

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but im not entirely sure were to place it.

this is my custom.cfg launch code

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LABEL Linux Mint 7 (Testing)
  MENU Linux Mint
  KERNEL vesamenu.c32
  APPEND /Mint/isolinux/isolinux.cfg

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 3:58 am
by Icecube
I don't know if there is an option to specify a subdirectory with Mint (couln't find it at least).

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:39 am
by Solaris17
so i couldnt mod the cfg to point to "dir=/Mint" or any other mod like that? its just a complete fail trying to get it to run from the root of the CD it wont do it because ubuntu is already at the root and because of the files they share it becomes incredably difficult to get them to run.