Using a bootloader to boot a floppy image from UBCD...?

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Re: Using a bootloader to boot a floppy image from UBCD...?

#2 Post by etienne » Mon Jul 25, 2005 5:30 am

kleptophobiac wrote:I'd like to take a floppy image from the UBCD, and boot it using LILO or GRUB or any other linux bootloader that'll do the job. I have a machine without a CD drive or floppy drive, but it has a linux distro on it right now. I'd love to have the floppy image as a bootable option.

Anyone know how to go about doing that?
You not only need a linux bootloader but also a floppy disk simulator.
I would say - use Gujin (version 1.2 or later ONLY). There is still a limitation with its disk simulator - it needs contigous files to be able to simulate a floppy, and I do not know of a tool to create such a file on EXT2 or EXT3 filesystem: you will have to use a FAT partition.

- Download from sourceforge gujin install-1.2.tar.gz ( )
- untar install-1.2.tar.gz and go to "install" directory
- create a new FAT partition on your hard disk, for instance reduce the last partition by 64 Mbytes and create a small FAT16 on it at end of your hard disk.
- Install Gujin as bootloader and using this new partiton - if it is called /dev/hda4 then type (as root):
./instboot boot.bin /dev/hda4 --mbr-device=/dev/hda
The partition will be erased (in fact FAT16 formated) by this previous command - do not use a partition already containing data - do not make a typing error.
There is a lot of variations - for details read the doc...
- copy the *.IMG file you want from the CDROM to this new partition of your hard disk - RENAMING all those file to the "*.BDI" extension, *.IMG is used for too many purposes.
You may copy these file directly on the root directory of this new partition or on a directory you call "boot".
- Reboot and select with the menu of the bootloader.
- If you do not like it, go to the bootloader setup screen (i.e. press space) and select disinstall to go back to your previous bootloader.