broken partitions on disk

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broken partitions on disk

#1 Post by berendho » Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:01 pm


I'll try to explain my situation. I had an installation of vista of a hard drive of my laptop. I snooped about half of this hard drive to let me install windows 7. After a while this partition was not big enough so i snooped a little more off the vista partition. Because windows didn't let me add this part to windows 7. (they cant add to the left). I tried it with a special partition program. This also let me delete the vista part in whole and move win7 to the beginning of the harddrive. I ran this program but soon i got a BSOD. Now no windows program won't recognize any hardrive.

When i run a program like MBRtool or anu other partition/diagnostic program i get a whole lot text shooting over my screen including:

C: HD1, ext[01], CHS=29095-65-27, start=228230 MB, size= 1019 MB
D: HD1, ext[02], CHS=29095-65-27, start=228230 MB, size= 1019 MB
(all other letters)
Y: HD1, ext[22], CHS=29095-65-27, start=228230 MB, size= 1019 MB
Z: HD1, ext[23], CHS=29095-65-27, start=228230 MB, size= 1019 MB

then i get a screen with:

Memory management:
(UMBPCI: faster; EMM386: more compatible)

7 options and some other stuff

when i choose any of these options i get :

some version stuff text
AUTOEXEC: Booted drive is A:
AUTOEXEC: Setting up Ramdisk at drive Q:
Invalid drive(increase LASSTDRIVE ?).
AUTOEXEC: Aborted...


any ideas how i can get my drive to work again?

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#2 Post by Icecube » Sat Oct 31, 2009 5:30 am

Download Parted Magic and use Gparted to reformat your drive (you can put it on an USB stick if you want).
Download Ultimate Boot CD v5.0:
Use Parted Magic for handling all partitioning task: