ubcd problem

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ubcd problem

#1 Post by artzpool1 » Sun Sep 04, 2005 7:51 am

Hello first timer here...this software is exactly what i"ve been needing awsome tool.

Download the iso image, made cd using Neroepress 5

powered up the comp inserted the cd waited and the cd was read but not booted

the system in question is a dell poweredge server
cdr is scsi..how ever I know the bios will load if a bootable media is in the cddrive...that is not an issue...so there appears to be a non-bootable media (the ubcd cd)

what I did next..on another system (already boot) inserted the cd and the cd autoboot to the index.html file

hmmm interesting..then took a look att he autorun.inf file
this is what it shows:


how can the cd boot to dos when there is nothing in the root directroy to ensure the software boots the DOS menu screen?

File on the CD
boot folder
docs folder
dosapps folder
freesco folder
images folder
INSERT folder
isolunix folder
licesnes folder
tools folder
ubcd folder


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#2 Post by artzpool1 » Sun Sep 04, 2005 10:28 am

Tried the ubcd in a pc system not the Poweredge server

the cd boot to the correct menu

okay back the the server

boot same problem the scsi controll sees the scsi cdrom
and if there is a bootable media the scsi bios will load and the disk shoud boot..

well it doesnt boot the system see the cdrom wait for a second then indicates bios not installed..then on to the windows boot sequence. ( on the hd)


I loaded a windows 2000 cd into the cdrom..and started reboot
system boots asp per normal
finds the cdropm on the scsi controller
and loads scsi bios (because there is bootable media)
and she boots into the w2k install proceedure

what got me confused here

why does the cdrom see teh windows 2k install disk and not see the that the ubcd is a bootable cd?

any suggestion here would be apprecited


Victor Chew
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#3 Post by Victor Chew » Wed Sep 07, 2005 2:03 am

It might be caused by a problematic CDROM controller:


Look under the "Problematic CD-ROM controllers" section. I know it does not specifically address the issue of your server machine, but the symptoms looks the same.