Following up on Nero Express 5.5 post

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Following up on Nero Express 5.5 post

#1 Post by pinky » Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:33 am

Sorry, I should have added that that I did look through the posts here for other similar problems and responses.
Someone did suggest to an earlier poster that they try a freeware download called I downloaded and installed this item from Terabyte Systems [?] and tried it. Nada.

Its error message was "ISO file size is invalid"

In the ISO's properties there are two posted file sizes. "file" says 4282 bytes... yes bytes, i.e., 4.27 KB. "size on disk" says 8,192 bytes, or 8.0 KB. That certainly sounds invalid!
On the assumption of a possibly corrupt initial download I'll repeat it all again, but after that I think I'm stuck.]


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#2 Post by SteelTrepid » Mon Oct 31, 2005 4:45 pm

Based on the size you are posting, you have a corrupt download! Please download and try again. I personally use and recommend CDBurner XP Pro, I even have instructions for burning ISO's (with screenshots) on my website. I also suggest you verify the Hash (MD5), to ensure your download isn't corrupt again. If you aren't sure how to verify the Hash for the file you downloaded, I also have a suggestion for that on my website. If you use FireFox, there is also a cool Extension that is even easier to use.

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#3 Post by Constance » Wed Nov 02, 2005 6:30 am

As SteelTrepid said, the file size clearly indicates a corrupted file.
Or at least it's not the file it should have been.

But it is normal that the file size and size on disk are different, this is due to the fact that the file system allocates disk space by clusters ( which are themselves made of a number of sectors of 512 bytes, this number depending on several things such as file system type itself - FAT16, FAT32, etc... - and sometimes on the size of the partition).

A file of 1 byte will use 1 complete cluster on disk. Even if that cluster is 32KB large.
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