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Am I understanding UBCD4Win correctly?

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 1:24 pm
by pinky
Hi, when I started looking for a UBCD solution for myself, I checked a lot of project sites, including BartPE, which impressed me greatly at the time. BUT, I use W2KSP4 as my only os, and Bart PE needs to be built on an XP box, because W2K kernel doesn't support the "/minint" switch, can't boot from readonly media, according to Bart.

Once the Bart PE ISO is burnt on a CD, however, I understand it is booted by NT4/W2K/XP/W2003, thus functions as an ERD for all those Windows systems. Am I correct?

I'm under the impression, maybe wrong, that UBCD4Win can be down- loaded, installed, burned to CD on a non-XP machine. Am I correct in this? Because if not it requires me up upgrade to XP, defeating my desire to postpone that upgrade as long as possible by having this brilliant tool. I'm not an "early adopter" & don't consider dealing with early unstabilities of an os a fun hobby. But having a single extremely comprehensive ERD/ maintenance tool seems like my idea of computer use heaven.

Wd someone set me straight about my impression that I can build and burn UBCD4Win on a W2K machine? And if I can't with this product, is the best solution to my wish simply to buy the hard CD? Because I'd be happy to do that. Many thanks!

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2005 6:44 am
by SteelTrepid
As the author of UBCD4Win I can clear a few things up for you.

Bart's site is correct. UBCD4Win is a Bart's PE disc, but loaded with a bunch of freeware. UBCD4Win was inspired by this project, that's most of the reason why I used the UBCD name. UBCD4Win is basically like UBCD except all the applications run in Windows and the project has to use Bart's PE to have a "windows" interface.

What my site says is that you can use the created CD on any system....OS doesn't matter, as a matter of fact there are a few linux file system explorers included in the project. HOWEVER, to create the CD you HAVE to have XP. Windows 2K is a great OS and I have never talked anyone into upgrading, but in order to create my project CD you have to have XP. Sorry for the bad news.

I do have one suggestion or idea though. I'm pretty sure it would still be inline with the EULA and legal crap from MS. ERD costs several hundreds of dollars. An upgrade copy (which you would eligble for) costs about $80. You could always purchase the XP upgrade just so you have the XP CD that is required to build a Bart PE disc. You wouldn't have to install it because PE Builder only requires the XP CD as the source for the files. PE builder will run on a 2K system. So you would be able to keep 2K on your system and create a UBCD4Win disc!! Only down side is having to spend $80!! However, that's a lot cheaper than ERD! I only suggest this because I thought I noticed hints of someday upgrading to XP. Sorry there isn't a cheaper solution for you.

Got it

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2005 12:50 pm
by pinky
Thanks, that fills in the blanks. With an upgrade buy I have a source disk and license to use the necessary XP files in the process of building the UBCD whether I install XP immediately or not. That sounds reasonable since I WILL install XP sooner or later--maybe after somebody else stabilizes SP3, which is about when I migrated from NT4 to W2K!
I'll be in touch if I have any more trouble. I'd much rather make a UBCD and learn how to tweak IT as a diagnosis tool rather than struggle blindly with every o/s service buffer-fart that comes along...