Adding UBCD4win to UBCD

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Adding UBCD4win to UBCD

#1 Post by henryjfry » Thu Mar 15, 2007 6:47 am

I have sort of got this working but am having trouble when it comes to making the full image and was wondering if anyone could help.

When I say "sort of" what I mean is that I have been able to add the UBCD4win to the UBCD and get it to boot with lots of the files removed (to reduce the iso size as I have been burning to a rather old and therefore slow cdrw). My customized ubcd has both xp recovery console and ubcd4win on it and both work fine (on my small test image).

The problem arises when i try and put all the ubcd4win files back and make the iso. The mkisofs batch file spits out some stuff about long file names (quite a lot of stuff) but the iso creates successfully. I then burn it to cd and reboot. When it boot it then complains about checksum error.

What settings do i need to change in the batch file to create the iso image that will pass the checksum test (and also not wreck the ubcd4win install in the process).

I have looked at the winboot tutorial here and have adapted the relevent part of the batch file accordingly

%~p0\mkisofs.exe -N -J -r -o -vv -V "UBCD40" -joliet-long -o "%2" -b "isolinux/isolinux.bin" -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table .

But so far it still gives a checksum error.

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#2 Post by beermatt » Thu Mar 15, 2007 8:55 am

Have you considered doing it the other way around i.e. adding UBCD (and recovery console) to UBCD4Win rather than adding UBCD4Win to UBCD?
UBCD4Win has a built-in plugin for adding UBCD (needs to be tweaked since UBCD v.40 - see here), you could then leave recovery console as a UBCD custom option, or tweak the UBCD4Win menu..?

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I managed to get it working

#3 Post by henryjfry » Thu Mar 15, 2007 10:57 am

I managed to get it working. It may just have been the cdrw i was using or it could have been something else entirely.

I had seen guides on how to add ubcd to ubcd4win but I had started the other way so i thought i might as well finish

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#4 Post by aen007 » Wed Jan 30, 2008 1:22 pm

I am new around here ...
I would like to find explicit/complete
instructions for running BartPE or UBCD4W
under the UBCD boot ...
I have only found out of date or incomplete guides ...
Anyone have any help?
I cannot (yet) run UBCD under the UBCD4E
multiboot because I have to use
a WinServ2003 (demo) iso
as the i386 source, and
UBCD4W says WS2003 is currently
incompatible with UBCD4W multiboot ...
Please reply/advise.