feedback from Denis

Post your suggestions here if there are new features or applications that you would like added to the Ultimate Boot CD.

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feedback from Denis

#1 Post by sadyc » Fri Feb 27, 2009 2:10 am


I'm not involved for quite a while with UBCD, however I recently received some feedback for UBCD on my email address.
I'll quote it bellow, maybe it's useful to somebody:


Hi Adrian,

Thank you for your work on UBCD. I didnt find any email Link or Feedback on the Website, so, can you derefer this Email to the Crew of the UBCD ? Thanks.

Hi ,

im Using an older Version of the UBCD and its very helpful ! I found it on the Internet when i looked for a Tool. I just was finishing my own Boot CD and one Tool for HD testing was still missing. I was very surprised, that at least one Guy had the same Idea like me ! Your UBCD has the Plus that it runs with Linux Kernel. My (old) Boot CD runs with DOS and in the Test Phase i got errors like "Wrong DOS Version" all the Time...
Now i guessed that the Memtest 3.2 may hang on some newer PCs, above about 2 GHz. (It is loading the half Header Informations and doesnt begin the Test). So i took a new downloaded Memtest 3.3 from a Floppy because i thought the CD ROM is failing. The newer Version 3.3 starts without hanging.

So, now i downloaded the new UBCD V4.1.0 and was surprised about the new Menu. Sure, the Overview is better with this Structure, but im prefer the older Style. I have to hit Enter for Boot, then scroll down and hit Enter several Times. On the older Menu, i just throw in the CD, push reset, wait 10 Seconds, and hit F1, F5 for the Memtest. I also like to select by Numbers or F-Keys. An Idea: Starting a Tool by typing a Number (eg 21) on the "boot:" Prompt and hit Enter ?

Im also missing a CD Label for the Jewelcase (With the List of all Tools). Why ? I generally do not any more place selv adhesive Labels on a CD, because the CD will be deformed and unreadable temporarly, in worm CD Drives (Notebooks !) The Reason is: The Plastic of the CD expands when it becames hot and the Paper does it not. The Jewelcase Label should have about four Holes, to see that is the CD in the Case or not.

Another Hint for the Person asked for the FDISK. First, i also added FDISK to my Startcd. It was a necessary Tool for me. But today im using it not anymore. I can delete and build Partitions at the Begin of the the Windows Installation. Then i can leave it after Formatting. Or i install Windows and can create the rest of the Partitions there, in the "Drivemanager"

Thank you