booting from Foppy disk for the Ultimate Boot CD

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booting from Foppy disk for the Ultimate Boot CD

#1 Post by NSF12345 » Fri Jul 01, 2005 6:47 am

ok..well..i have a small TRYING to get the Ultimate Boot CD to run on my other computer, so that i can format it and put the O/S bak on...however,i cant seem to make the computer boot off CD, will only boot of A: or C: !!! :( i was wondering if it wa possible to create a bootable FLOPPY disk that forced the computer to start readin the Ultimate Boot CD...similar to they way WIN98 has a startup Floppy disk that prepares the computer for the CD, and i wa wondering if it was possible for something similar for the Ultimate Boot CD..i currently have V2.21. im sori if i seemd to waffle bin gd wi words.

Victor Chew
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