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PXE Boot

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 2:50 am
by lilliput
Hello, I recently installed a PXE server, I manage to boot on a NTpasswd system, but I guess due to the complexity of your CD it won't be as easy.

Do you if someone already used it ?
(NB the PXE server is Linbox LRS)
for the NTpasswd I did this following modification:

copy the iso file in a sperate directory like :

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root@lrs:/tftpboot/revoboot/bin# ls TEST/  boot.msg  initrd.gz  isolinux.bin  isolinux.cfg  vmlinuz
add en entry to the grub menu

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root@lrs:/tftpboot/revoboot/imgbase/TEST# cat conf.txt
title Test - NTpasswd
desc Just a test with NTpasswd.
kernel (nd)/tftpboot/revoboot/bin/TEST/vmlinuz revosavedir=/imgbase/Base-BASENUM quiet
and it's working ;)

from what I get the ubcd boot on /boot/loader or /boot/cdsh.bin
and then depending of the entry of the menu, load another system like memtest from the definitions of /boot/menu/*.scn etc..

Could be really usefull on a large scale networks just not to have CD's ;)

Thanks in advance for your help
Thanks for this great and Ultimate BCD ;)

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 6:01 am
by lilliput
I tried to load the iso. unfortunatly could not make it boot.

if I would copy the whole CD in my hdd and start it from a grub what would be the line to start it ?