need CD DVD boot tools

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need CD DVD boot tools

#1 Post by kethd » Mon May 08, 2006 12:39 pm

It would be wonderful after booting into UBCD if it were possible to then boot any available CD or DVD (or USB) even if not supported in BIOS. Current UBCD v3.4 seems to not offer any direct menu choices to do that.

I have tested all of the Boot Managers in UBCD, from CD. None of them worked. SBM Smart BootManager v3.7.1 2001 gave a nice list but was not able to actually boot any Secondary IDE channel DVD drives.

Gujin v1.3 2006 seemed like the best. It did a very good job finding all of the available devices/partitions. It then offered an impressively complete automatic menu of things to boot. But it was only able to boot the floppy drive and the Primary Master IDE CD drive. Even though it saw the Secondary Master and Slave IDE DVD drives, and saw the bootable CD discs that were in the drives, and made some effort to try to boot them, it never succeeded.

(I also have GRUB v0.95 on a floppy disk, and it was not willing to even try to boot any CD or DVD IDE drives.)