UBCD 4 booting, network problems differing among 3 PCs

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UBCD 4 booting, network problems differing among 3 PCs

#1 Post by josephlevin » Thu Dec 20, 2007 4:30 pm

Hello, I am having a few problems with UBCD.

The UBCD is the standard install with the exception of Acronis TrueImage 11 Home setup as a plugin (and enabled).

I have 3 PCs- 1) DELLp3-933 with plain vanilla CDROM, 2)AMD Athlon 3000 Newer Sony DVDRW, 3) AMD Athlon 64-3200 even newer Sony DVDRW than PC #2.

PC1 has a 3com network controller, PC2 and PC3 use Nvidia's Nforce2 controller, and claim to be recognized from within UBCD (likewise from Windows and Ubuntu).

PC1 has Intel 815 onboard video, PC2 has AGP Nvidia 5900 video card, PC3 has PCI-E Nvidia 7900GS video card.

For PC 1-
Boots fine, network controller is found, internet is found, cannot attempt to access local network (says doesn't have the security). Screen res sucks, but I don't care.

For PC2- Boots fine, network controller found, internet not found, local network not found. DHCP says it's working, workgroup name matches, or I even spec static IP for the UBCD PC/DNS server/Gateway,etc. While the local internet claims to be connected at 100MBPS, I can't get to the network or to the internet.

For PC3- will not boot, just locks up before the memory even gets checked.

Note that with Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux, all 3 machines can see each other and get to the local network and internet just fine, as well as are able to boot from the CD first and have done so with other bootable CDs/DVDs.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!