UBCD works boots on one xp but not another

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UBCD works boots on one xp but not another

#1 Post by robendorf » Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:27 pm

Created the UBCD on a DVD yesterday and it boots up and runs Windows XP fine on my E-Machine however, on the computer I am trying to fix, it will go to the menu fine but when I try to boot, it hangs in the Windows screen with the blue moving icon.

It has been suggested that I detach my harddrives. Detaching HDs might allow me to boot but I don't see the point if I am trying to troubleshoot the HDs.

It boots to the DVD fine but maybe there is some other bios setting that could be tweaked? I checked the memory from the UBCD and it checks fine. 3 megs of ram. Fairly fast CPU (not exactly sure of the speed but it is only a couple years old)-