How To - Add Ubuntu 9.04 Server Network Boot Disk

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How To - Add Ubuntu 9.04 Server Network Boot Disk

#1 Post by twgitsec » Mon Jun 01, 2009 5:44 am

To add Ubuntu network boot so you can install the OS via HTTP...

1 - Download Ubuntu (

2 - Extract .iso to local folder with favorite .iso extractor.

3 - Create ubuntu/904 directory in the USB root.

4 - Copy
to \ubuntu\904.

5 - Modify \menus\bootdsk2.cfg to include
LABEL ubuntu
MENU LABEL Ubuntu 904
KERNEL /ubuntu/904/vmlinuz
APPEND initrd=/ubuntu/904/initrd.gz

Boot to USB and select "DOS/Linux boot Disks", then "Linux Boot Disks", and Your new entry "Ubuntu 904".

This will enable you to boot to the Ubuntu 904 Server network installation. You must have internet access for this to function (or create a website with an ubuntu mirror on it for internal deployments).

Again, this is for Server install. I have not attempted a Desktop configuration.