How do I execute a file?

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How do I execute a file?

#1 Post by adrianparkinson » Fri Feb 05, 2010 9:15 am

Hi, I'm a noob so patience please. I need to update the firmware on a WD disk. WD have sent me the file 0405g05.exe. I need to boot to dos and run this file. I have no floppy drive and my motherboard doesn't allow me to boot from usb. So i've found UBCD which looks great. I downloaded the iso, burnt it to a CDRW and did a test boot, which worked. Now I need to execute the file, so I made a directory in the under the DOSAPPS (as per instructions elsewhere on this forum) and copied the file there and burnt the files to the disk (I'm using win7 btw). I booted using the cd, ran freedos, entered the DOSAPPS directory to find my directory I created missing.
Its a simple thing I need to do, please help