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BugHunter V2.2a

Posted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 4:07 am
by grayfox
UBCD50B1 BugHunter not working.
It loads and this is what it end with.

Panic: MCB Chain corrupted.
system halted

Try it 3 times.

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 4:33 am
by as702
it may be a problem with the memory manager (himem64). i've recommended viktor updates this to a more modern build (himemx) which may correct the problem.

from what i can remember, bugfix is an extremely odd program in that it dictates the installation directory be placed where the scan is intended to be run (for instance, c:\ drive). peculiar, since you can't tell it where to scan other than where it's installed (?).


Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:40 am
by grayfox
:lol: Thank you for your help.
I'am goto delet it , I dont need it .

Posted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 9:48 pm
by Raid
Hi there.

I am the author of BugHunter. I'd like to clear up a couple of misunderstandings...

BugHunter doesn't require you to copy it to drive C:, I use that as an example in the FAQ file. You can carry it around on a USB stick, or copy it to a ram disk of sufficient size to hold it's temporary data files, and run it from there.

I have pasted a copy of the default configuration file BUGHUNT.INI which comes with the program.

I hope this clears up the misunderstanding.
; BugHunter v2.x configuration file sample.
; The commands, APPEND, CREATE, NOLOG, and FULL can be placed
; anywhere inside this file you like. The command YES can also be
; placed anywhere inside the file you like, but the following two
; lines must be present below it: and parameters,
; and the name of the temporary file BugHunter should use.

; Default settings are full recursive scan, a logfile will
; be created in the current directory if possible.
; the default temporary file is BUGHUNT.DAT and will be created
; in the current directory. Logging options are as follows

; APPEND = Append to the already existing BUGHUNT.LOG (if present)
; otherwise one will be created.
; CREATE = Create a new logfile each time an option is performed.
; NOLOG = Exactly what it says. :) No logfile is created. No logging
; to file takes place if one already exists.
; FULL = Log extra details. How many files in each folder, location
; and name of any files that couldn't be opened for scanning. Some files
; that are in use will cause this error.
; is turned off by default. Log files can grow to large sizes if this
; option is switched on. However, it does provide extra detail.



; YES controls recursion. If using YES, the following two lines MUST
; be the name location and parameters of (default is current
; directory bughunter is executing from) and the name of the temporary
; file for use.

YES /D+ /N /R

; As BugHunter is preset to do full recursion, this section of the
; configuration file is ignored. If you would like BugHunter to scan
; the folders listed below (you may customize them as you see fit; upto
; 32 folders) can be specified in the msdos 8.3 style naming convention.
; Comment yes and the two lines below it. To re-enable full recursion,
; simply uncomment yes and the two lines below it.

; These directories assume a default installation of C:\WINDOWS. If you
; are not using full recursion, please modify the directory paths to
; suit your system configuration. By Default, BugHunter will not just
; scan the directories listed below. Full recursion is turned on, and
; this section of the configuration file is ignored.


If you or anyone else has questions concerning BugHunter, feel free to post here or email me at


Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 12:55 am
by as702
Thank you for the input (and the program of course). One thing that might prove useful is a configurable switch allowing users to dynamically select which drive letter to scan instead of having to edit the .INI each time. Or perhaps an "AUTO" switch to automatically scan for any available drives.

It's a small gripe but given the nature of the UBCD distribution, I'm currently forced to use scripting tools to dynamically set the default drive before launching the program.

It's not so much an issue but merely a suggestion.

Re: BugHunter V2.2a

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 12:59 am
by as702
grayfox wrote:Victor
UBCD50B1 BugHunter not working.
It loads and this is what it end with.

Panic: MCB Chain corrupted.
system halted

Try it 3 times.
Have you tried using Bughunter with the latest release of FD boot floppy?

Working Now

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:18 am
by grayfox

I reinstalled it and it is working OK now.
Thank you