Parted Magic 3.1 is out

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Parted Magic 3.1 is out

#1 Post by Icecube » Wed Sep 17, 2008 2:34 am

Some updates in Parted Magic 3.1 RC1 compared with Parted Magic 3.0.
If you set the keymap command to set your keyboard layout (Press TAB at the bootmenu), it should work now.
If it doesn't work look at the link above and test which keyboard layout works for you:
e.g.: for the me this is:

Code: Select all

setxkbmap be
Post the information here for your keyboard layout so I can pass it to the Parted Magic forum or post it there yourself.
Currently only 2 keyboard layouts are supported (be and se).

From some USB devices, Parted Magic 3.0 couldn't boot because there was a bug in the kernel. This should be solved now.

HFS+ (filesystem for Mac's) support is added.

NTFS CP1251 cyrillic support is added.

Maybe the following thing can be interesting for users with a low amount of RAM (less than 350MiB) to run Parted Magic. I don't have downloaded it yet, but I suspect that there won't be 7z archives that have to be decompressed to RAM so that you need 160MB (parted magic default files) + 53MB (antivirus stuff) = 213MB less RAM to run Parted Magic than the other versions (not downloaded yet, so I can be wrong).
Patrick Verner of Parted Magic wrote:I've worked pretty hard on this and I hope it works, but at this point I'm sure it has problems.

For USB drives:

1) Extract directly to an ext2 partition on a USB flash drive. It should have the file structure like any other linux distro.

2) cd to the root of this new partition and execute:

cat boot/extlinux/mbr.bin > /dev/sdX
boot/extlinux/extlinux --install boot/extlinux

For any normal hard disk (must be a linux file system, EXT2, EXT3, reiser, etc...):

1) Extract directly to a partition. It should have the file structure like any other linux distro.

2) Set-up GRUB or LiLo using the correct "kernel" and "append" syntax found in boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf

This is for testing. Please don't use this for production purposes, yet.

The small initrd is needed to "find" the partition with the installed Parted Magic. Device numbers change from system to system and this eliminates the need to keep changing the device number in the extlinux.conf. So, in theory it should boot from a USB flash without the device numbers confusing the boot loader or computer device configuration.

This does in fact run like any other distro that boots from a hard disk install. Everything you do is saved and everything you break will be there the next boot.
Parted Magic 3.1 RC1 can be downloaded from:

The last development version of Parted Magic can be downloaded from:
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#2 Post by Icecube » Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:42 pm

I have convinced Patrick Verner (Parted Magic) to include an isolinux option (I did have to write it myself :D) which makes it possible to use the same entries for booting from a cd or from usb so that we need only one entry for Parted Magic in main.cfg.


You have to replace livecd with liveall in the isolinux.cfg file of Parted Magic:
LABEL normal
MENU LABEL ^1. Default settings (Runs from RAM / Ejects CD)
* version: 3.1, (C) 2008, Patrick Verner
* Disclaimer: Author excluded from any liability.
KERNEL /pmagic/bzImage
APPEND noapic initrd=/pmagic/initrd root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc keymap=us liveall vga=791 sleep=0 quiet tmpfs_size=350M ramdisk_size=25000
You can now save the networksettings for different computers.
See: ... a&start=20

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#3 Post by Icecube » Sun Oct 19, 2008 3:51 pm

Parted Magic 3.1 is out now.

Download it from:

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Re: Parted Magic 3.1 is out

#4 Post by Adgarharrison » Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:44 pm

Hi all,
i used partedmagic 3.0 (the grub4dos version) with this menu entry and it always worked fine:
title Parted Magic Linux 3.x (Runs from RAM)
find --set-root /pmagic-grub4dos.iso
map /pmagic-grub4dos.iso (hd32)
map --hook
root (hd32)
kernel (hd32)/pmagic/bzImage noapic root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc keymap=us livecd vga=791 sleep=0 ramdisk_size=25000 noeject iso_location=/pmagic-grub4dos.iso
initrd (hd32)/pmagic/initrd
Now when i try the same iwth partedmagic 3.1 it always stops at a shell telling me xorg command not found
any ideas?

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Re: Parted Magic 3.1 is out

#5 Post by The Piney » Fri Sep 16, 2011 2:54 pm

Are you trying to add PM 3.1 to UBCD 5.1.1? If so, why? The newest Parted Magic (6.6) is included already.

Please provide more information in your posts so more accurate information/suggestions can be provided back to you.

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Re: Parted Magic 3.1 is out

#6 Post by ady » Sat Sep 17, 2011 1:50 am


In addition to what The Piney posted, it would be best to open a new topic in the adequate section of the forum, instead of bumping a topic 3-years old.

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