Config Option and Isolinux

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Config Option and Isolinux

#1 Post by battk » Tue Dec 16, 2008 3:56 am

I'm curious at to what the CONFIG label does in the main.cfg menu configuration.

MENU LABEL Parted Magic V3.2 - Press F1 for more information
Linux distro for manipulating partitions (eg. create, resize). Includes
TestDisk, PhotoRec, Partition Image, Firefox, F-Prot Virus Scanner (fpscan/
fpupdate) etc. Capable of reading/writing NTFS partitions and external USB
storage devices. Requires 512MB RAM.
CONFIG /pmagic/isolinux.cfg

I know that

label mylabel
kernel mykernel
append myoptions

would be interpreted as isolinux.bin mykernel myoptions. However, that Parted magic entry doesn't have a kernel nor any append options. So what is being sent to isolinux.bin?

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#2 Post by Icecube » Tue Dec 16, 2008 7:11 am

The CONFIG option reads the /pmagic/isolinux.cfg and executes it.
It is almost the same as the following option:

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KERNEL menu.c32
APPEND /pmagic/isolinux.cfg
The only difference is that the CONFIG option does some kind of reset.
UBCD uses menu.c32 to display the menus, while Parted Magic does use vesamenu.c32 to display the menu.
The following code can't display the Parted Magic menu well:

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KERNEL menu.c32
APPEND /pmagic/isolinux.cfg
While the following code works better:

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KERNEL vesamenu.c32
APPEND /pmagic/isolinux.cfg
The CONFIG entry resets ISOLI9NUX/SYSLINUX and reads the specified config file just like it would read the isolinux.cfg or the syslinux.cfg file when it starts the first time.

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CONFIG /pmagic/isolinux.cfg
So the CONFIG option is the cleanest way to display the menu of another bootable CD when it has multiple options.

See the next link for the meaning of the other entries:

Download the syslinux package and read the files in /doc to get all information about the options in a config file.

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