ScanDisk / CHKDSK / Data Integrity Checking Apps for UBC

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ScanDisk / CHKDSK / Data Integrity Checking Apps for UBC

#1 Post by DudeBoyz » Mon Feb 09, 2009 3:43 pm

I have historically used Norton Disk Doctor (a part of the Norton SystemWorks Suite that I own) to scan disks and perform maintenance / fixes to help ensure that the file system is in good shape.

However, I'm finding that their more recent versions do not seem to be as reliable and trouble-free as they used to be.

So, I'm trying to locate information about possible alternatives, and wanted to ask if there may be some possible solutions within the newer UBC 5 pre-release version that could serve that purpose.

Just a fairly simple, straight-forward ScanDisk / Norton Disk Doctor sort of application that I can run from the CD and will scan for and correct any issues that may affect data integrity on FAT, FAT32 and NTFS partitions and drives under Windows XP, Vista and perhaps Windows 7 Beta 7000.

I do understand that Windows has "Error Checking" built-in, but I do not know how comprehensive that feature is by comparison and am not as well versed on this area as I would like to be.

Would someone be able / willing to help contribute to a discussion about this topic? I'd appreciate any helpful replies.

Thank you much,


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