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Parted Magic 3.6 is out

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:31 am
by Icecube

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:31 pm
by aen007
This post follows my other concurrent post ("gparted how to")
regarding future plans for PartedMagic & UBCDos.
Will PM be a fixed element of v5?
Could/Would UBCDos make PM an optional element?
What is UBCDos going to do as PM releases new versions?
Is UBCDos going to issue a new release as well or
will one be able to integrate (or not) the latest PM release?
I don't know anything about the topic,
because I am "late to the party" ...
Thank you.

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 2:26 am
by aen007
I could not try PM 3.7 on the old XP laptop,
because UBCDos 5.0.12ß would not boot
under UBCD4W 3.22 on the old XP laptop.
I don't know if that is an (un)intended consequence ...
I haven't tried UBCDos 5.0.12߻UBCD4W
on my modern XP laptops nor on a CD by itself.
I prefer to have one full CD with both UBCDs
instead of two half full CDs with each UBCD on a separate CD.
GParted 0.3.4-11»UBCDos 4.11»UBCD4W 3.22 works just fine.
I could try PM3.7»UBCDos4.11»UBCD4W 3.22 ...
I don't know (yet) if the PM»UBCDos 4.11 instructions have changed.
I'm not sure it matters which flavor of gParted I use ...
I will be sure to keep my UBCDos 4.11 iso.

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 4:05 am
by Icecube
Parted Magic will be a 'core' component of UBCD50. I don't think that there will be a new version of the UBCD50 branch when there is a new release of Parted Magic. It is up to Victor to decide.

If you can't integrate UBCD50 with UBCD4WIN, than the UBCD plugin of UBCD4WIN doesn't work / isn't up to date any more. Complain at the UBCD4WIN forum.

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:55 am
by aen007
Thanks for the reply.
If UBCDos wants to reply to my feedback as complaining,
I don't care. That is a reflection on UBCDos.
I'm sure the UBCD4W people will have fun
making new PM/UBCDos MultiBoot plugins.
I will state the following:
Not taking into account all other changes
to UBCDos between 4.11 & 5 (with which I am not familiar),
4.11 is (imho) better than 5 with regards to PM -
because users could always integrate
the latest PM release into 4.11.
I still hope you or someone will at sometime
update the steps for integrating PM 3.7 or 4x into UBCD 4.11.
Thank you.

6September2012 Greetings.[quote="Icecube"]If you can't in

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:18 pm
by aen007

Icecube wrote:If you can't integrate UBCD50 with UBCD4WIN, than the UBCD plugin of UBCD4WIN doesn't work / isn't up to date any more. Complain at the UBCD4WIN forum.
Based on what I have been reading this week on the web,
it seems there is (now) more than one way to build a "MultiBoot" Rescue USB stick ...
it seems I could put/boot builds/isos of UBCD4W & UBCDOS (& other projects as well ...) on/from the same USB stick ...
Probably next year I will have time to give that a try.

Right now I am trying to tye-up loose ends on the "old-way" of doing things.
aen007 wrote:I also rolled PartedMagic 3.7 into UBCDos 4.11 but receive the error message»Vesamenu.c32 not found ...
Icecube wrote:This is because you don't have vesamenu.c32 (or the config of Parted Magic is pointing to a path for vesamenu.c32 that doesn't exist in your setup).
I'm not sure (yet) but I think I have found what I need to correct in my UBCD4W (CD/RW) build
that has UBCDOS 4.11 rolled into it (and has PM 3.7 rolled into 4.11).
I should find out this week ...

Out of curiousity I am trying to make that build work when I use the UBCD4W UB2USB utility.
Maybe I have worked out how to boot the PM 3.7 directly from Grub4DOS.
I should find out this week ...
I am trying to deduce how to boot the UBCDOS 4.11 via G4DOS when I put that CD/RW build on a USB stick with UB2USB.
The UBCD4W MultiBoot CD/RW entry for 4.11 is

Code: Select all

/isolinux/isolinux.bin; Launch "UBCDOS 4.11"; ^ Collection of console-mode utilities + Parted Magic 3.7
which calls an isolinux.cfg

Code: Select all

DISPLAY startup.msg
LABEL boot
  KERNEL chain.c32
  APPEND hd0
LABEL main
  KERNEL menu.c32
  APPEND /menus/main.cfg
The 2 types of DBAN entries are like:

Code: Select all

/isolinux/isolinux.bin  ; dban   ; dban  ; /images/dban.bzi nuke="dwipe" silent

Code: Select all

title     dban
kernel /images/dban.bzi nuke="dwipe" silent
There is/are no "images" for 4.11 itself. The rollup unpacks the 4.11 iso;
so I'm guessing I need to make some kind of G4DOS lst entry like

Code: Select all

Title UBCDOS 4.11 \n Console-mode utilities + Parted Magic 3.7
KERNEL chain.c32
but I really have no idea ... what about the "KERNEL menu.c32" part?
any helpful replies/insights appreciated ...