syslinux 3.75 is out

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syslinux 3.75 is out

#1 Post by Icecube » Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:17 am

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Changes in 3.74:
         * New UI directive, which allows a more natural way to specify
           a menu system (or not.)  With the UI directive specifying
           the menu system, the DEFAULT directive can be used to select
           the default entry inside the menus.
         * kbdmap.c32: new module to load a new keyboard map
         * isohybrid: workaround bug in some versions of binutils.
         * Fix issue with the placement of the initrd on some machines.
         * ifcpu64: fix handling of less than three arguments.
         * Fix bug in the shuffle library when dealing with a very
           large number of fragments.
         * Documentation fixes by Vicente Jimenez Aguilar.
         * gPXE updated to version 0.9.7.
         * hdt.c32: Hardware Detection Tool, an interactive hardware
           analyzer module by Erwan Velu.
         * MEMDISK: enable automatic determination of the disk geometry
           for a large floppy disk image if (and only if) it is
           formatted with a FAT filesystem.
         * SYSLINUX: fix the handling of .bss files on FAT12/16.
         * Suppress the Loading ... message if "quiet" is specified on
           the kernel command line.
         * Fix the use of "CONSOLE 0" with menu.c32.
         * Allow COM32 modules to be aware of all memory even in the
           presence of a memory hole.  The "linux.c32" module can be
           used to load a kernel (or memdisk) plus large initrd on
           such a system.
         * MBR: produce alternate MBR variants which force the drive
           number to hd0 (_f variants), or force the drive number to
           hd0 if the Ctrl key is pressed (_c variants.)  Furthermore,
           add an MBR variant (altmbr*.bin) which ignores the active
           flag and instead boots the partition number specified in the
           byte at offset 439 decimal.
         * Add IPAPPEND strings to com32 modules, especially needed for
         * New MENU SAVE directive which saves the latest menu
           selection until the next boot.  Currently only implemented for
         * *experimental* interface module to Steffen
           Winterfeldt's "gfxboot" graphical front end
           (  Module by Sebastian Herbszt.
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#2 Post by StopSpazzing » Thu Apr 09, 2009 4:37 pm

That's wonderful! Cant wait to test it out and compare the difference. :D
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#3 Post by Icecube » Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:37 am

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Changes in 3.75:
        * PXELINUX: fix the "keeppxe" option, which was broken in 3.74.
        * MEMDISK: correct the extraction of geometry information from
          the MBR of a hard disk image, again broken in 3.74.
        * extlinux(1) man page from Brian Pellin.
        * Simple menu: MENU SAVE is now controllable on a menu-by-menu
          or entry-by-entry basis.
        * gPXELINUX: fix interrupt-disabling bug.
        * HDT: fix lockup on machines with certain PCI configurations.
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