Parted Magic 4.1 is out

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Parted Magic 4.1 is out

#1 Post by thyl » Sat May 09, 2009 1:18 am


Updated: gparted-0.4.5, syslinux-3.80, hdparm-9.15, squashfs-4.0, linux-, dosfstools-3.0.2, module-init-tools-3.7, glib-2.20.1, gtk+-2.16.1, udev-141, glibmm-2.18.2, vte-0.20.1, roxterm-1.14.2, fsarchiver-0.5.4, grsync-0.6.3, busybox-1.14.0, testdisk-6.11, lxpanel-0.4.0, e2fsprogs-1.41.5, firefox-3.0.10, lftp-3.7.13, file-5.03, hdt-0.3.3, xfsdump-3.0.1, xfsprogs-3.0.1

Added: wipe-2.2.0, dmidecode-2.10, mg (mini-emacs text editor), reiser4 kernel patch, boot_info_script, Chinese fonts, removepkg, unarj-265, hardinfo-0.5.1

Fixed: debs actually install at boot, added "partimag" user with no password for partimaged, moved mkfstab after package installation to make sure the old fstab is not used.

New features: The fstab daemon now detects device mapper RAID partitions while removing the unmountable mirrors from /etc/fstab. GParted and mount-gtk correctly display and mount these partitions. Our tools use the /dev/mapper nodes created by GParted, so run GParted and then you will see your DMRAID partitions in mount-gtk. Added support for new package extensions .tbz, tlz, txz. Numlock is set to "on" in and outside of X by default.

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